Pool Repairs and Energy Efficiency

Pump, Filter, Circulation Work
Proper flow and filtration are essential to maintaining a healthy swimming environment. We are factory authorized to install and repair all major brands of pool and spa equipment. We maintain pumps, filters, jets, related plumbing, and remote valving systems.

Heater Repair/ Upgrade
All heating systems require maintenance to keep them running efficiently. We are experienced in natural gas, electric, solar, and heat exchanger systems. Most heaters require some typical part replacements and others must be diagnosed to determine the single or multiple failures requiring attention. It is often best to upgrade to the newest technology in efficiency and space conservation to provide the best solution.

Upgrade existing lighting to LED lighting
Good lighting makes a pool or spa safe and beautiful at night. Sunline repairs and replaces GFI protected underwater lights. Popular is to replace existing dull lighting with new bright LED lighting creating beautiful night time colorscapes.

Solar Heating Repair
The Sun is our friend when heating a recreational pool or spa. Solar heating systems can last a lifetime, but may need some minor tuneups to repair leaks or valve or panel issues. Sunline works with all brands of Solar Heating Systems as well as integration with PV Solar Electric Systems.

Leak Detection and Repair
Pools, spas and water features should be designed to be leak free. When water loss exceeds normal evaporation, specialized techniques are used to locate, identify, and repair the source of the problem. Sunline has years of experience solving problems with water loss, fixing leaks, and saving water.

Tile Repair
Beautiful decorative pool and spa waterline tile must live with harsh pool chemicals as well as baking and freezing conditions. Proper installation techniques must be employed to ensure good adhesion and tight grout waterproofing. Sunline has knowledge to clean, repair, and install pool/spa tile for lasting results.